When form meets function.

Clean line and scaled-down designs.

We blend the ideas of modernity and minimalist shape of to craft office furniture that is ergonomic, multifunctional and practical, to foster a comfortable domestic environment. Our focus is to create you also an engaging environment that facilitates productivity, where resulting Indachi modern pieces are meant to be both multifunctional and lightweight.

Catering to all your needs

Indachi has its roots in the office-fitting business. Acting as a partner to businesses to accommodate their furnishing needs at their office for over two decades, we helped to increase the attractiveness, productivity and quality of their spaces. As a result, we have broadened up our furnishing expertise and we are dedicated to buliding isnpirational space whether it's for working, living and public interiors.

Find Us.

Indachi is exlusively shown and sold through our dealer network in Indonesia.
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